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PTI founder moves against IHC CJ in SJC

Imran Khan appeals to act against Justice Amir Farooq

Published by Hussnain Bhutta



Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Tuesday filed reference in Supreme Judicial Council against Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice.

In a reference, filed by PTI founder Imran, claimed that IHC CJ Justice Amir Farooq, who took office on November 11, 2022, has shown unusual interest in the complainant's cases. 

Imran Khan alleged that Justice Farooq scheduled nearly all of the complainant’s cases before him and deliberately used delaying tactics, thereby abusing his powers.

“Take action against Justice Amir Farooq,” PTI founder appealed to the SJC.

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TikTok contests announced to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting sets Rs100,000 for top winner, Rs75,000 for the second and Rs50,000 for the winner at the third position

Published by Hussnain Bhutta



Islamabad:  The federal government on Tuesday announced TikTok contests for TikTokers to mark Independence Day in August.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting took to TikTok to make the announcement regarding real contests.

The subjects on which the reels could be made include stability of Pakistan, brotherhood and role of the public, Pakistan’s road to independence, the country’s problems and their solutions and Azm-e-Aali Shaan: capabilities of the youth, achievements and their dreams.

The government authorities set Rs100,000 as the first prize, Rs75,000 for the second and Rs50,000 for the third position holder.

The ministry also set certain conditions to take part in the competition.

What are conditions for TikTok contests?

  • Content for reel should be real and must reflect creativity of the candidate in the contest
  • Decent language and national attire
  • TikTok reel can be produced in any local language
  • Respect of the local culture and norms
  • Reasonable background, music and setting
  • National monuments and their portrayal
  • The message should be clear
  • Any content indicating disrespect towards anyone or anything will automatically stand disqualified

How to take part in TikTok contests?

  • Make Tiktok videos
  • Tag created reels to @DEMP_MOIB
  • Get maximum likes, shares till August 8, 2024

The interested candidates can take part in the TikTok reel contests until 12:00 am,  August 8, 2024.


However, the initiative has sparked curiosity and raised questions that an expenditure of Rs40m [4 Crore] on advertising the competition, it has ignited a discourse on resource allocation and strategic priorities in promoting national events.


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PTI leaders calls for symbolic hunger strike

They say hunger camp is setup for early release of Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi

Published by Hussnain Bhutta



Islamabad: Senior PTI leader Asad Qaiser on Tuesday said the party had called for a symbolic hunger strike against Parliament, demanding the National Assembly speaker’s intervention against the persecution and harassment of party leaders.

To register their protest, PTI Chairman Gohar Khan, Qaiser, Ali Muhammad Khan and several other PTI leaders were present outside the Parliament.

Speaking to the media, Qaiser said that the party had started a local protest against their victimisation.

“We don’t want to create any [unfavourable] law and order situation in the country,” Qaiser told journalists while sitting outside the parliament.

“But given what is happening to us — the ongoing campaign against us, the pressure on our MNAs, the cases against them, and the offers being made to sway their loyalties — what other option do we have?” he said.

On the other hand, Gohar Khan said that parliamentarians did not need permission to stage a protest on the premises of the Parliament.

“This is our right, we are parliamentarians, and parliamentarians are entitled to conduct themselves however they want within the premises of the parliament”, he said. “We can express our opinions [here] however we want.”

He said the protest conveyed the party’s position against the “injustice, unfairness, and the illegal and unconstitutional things that are happening [to us].”

He added that PTI parliamentarians were staging a sit-in to uphold the law and the constitution, despite having reservations about some “strangers” occupying parliamentary positions.


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