“World will be back to normal”, claims Gates

Microsoft owner and philanthropist, Bill Gates, has predicted that the “world will be back to normal” by the end of 2022 as more vaccines will be available to the world.

Talking to an international news agency, the 65-year-old highlighted the role of the US and UK in helping third-world countries that are not producing vaccines themselves.

However, Gates remained unsure whether COVID-19 cases would be completely stamped out by the end of the next year or not.

However, he expressed hope that the number of cases will be cut to a “very small number”.

The billionaire also pointed towards the economic loss the world has faced due to Coronavirus and how this generation will never forget about the pandemic.  

The founder of the Gates Foundation also addressed world governments and insisted that they should be prepared for future pandemics.

Gates also showed his concerns on the reduction of the UK overseas aid budget from 0.7% to 0.5% as the role of the country is very critical in tackling outbreaks like this.  

He added how no one wants another lockdown as a result of a third wave and the country should do all it can to avoid a situation similar to that of India where covid has spun out of control.

Over the course of a week, more than 5.5 million cases were recorded worldwide, including almost 2 million in India. India has also recorded a record 2,624 deaths over the previous 24 hours. The pandemic has killed nearly 190,000 people in total in the country. Other countries trailing India with the newest infections are the United States (490,000 cases in one week), Brazil (459,000) and Turkey (404,000).

The threshold of 150 million cases worldwide is expected to be reached next week. 

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