Infant lost her life due to powdered formula milk

Abdul Sattar, a special magistrate in Lahore, ordered to file a criminal case against Nestlé, a well-known company, for allegedly killing a baby girl wo died after drinking infant powdered formula milk and summoned the company's managing director, Freda Duplin, and other officials.

The magistrate wrote in his order that first it took the police three years to write the report of the case and the report was also written in favour of the company which is wrong.

Lawyer for Usman Bhatti, the plaintiff in the case said, in 2018, the one-month-old daughter of a man named Usman Bhatti died after drinking infant powdered formula milk. Usman Bhatti contacted the police, who was asked to present evidence. My client applied for an autopsy which the company strongly resisted and tried to stop the examination. Finally, as a result of the court order, after 15 days of exhumation, the forensic experts of King Edward Medical College took samples of the girl and sent them to the Punjab Forensic Lab, which reportedly found toxic chemicals in the samples.

He further said that infant powdered formula milk was also sent to Punjab Forensic Lab for analysis and the same toxic chemical was found in the milk. Despite this, the police were not registering a case but kept pressuring the plaintiff to withdraw the petition. Eventually the case was registered on the orders of the Lahore High Court, but no one was willing to hear it.

"Usman Bhatti was allegedly receiving threats and I was also asked to get detached from the case and settle matters with him," he said.

On the other hand, the lawyer of Nestlé Farooq Amjad Mir while thought, I cannot say what is the position of the company but on legal grounds I can say with confidence that there is no life in this case. The police have stated in their various reports that the evidence is insufficient and I am informed that the said company will challenge decision of the judge.

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