App for Breast Cancer awareness, timely diagnosis and treatment launched

Karachi: Pink Pakistan has introduced an application for awareness of infectious disease—breast cancer. The newly introduced application carries important information about the disease, panel of experts and free treatment facility.

Early diagnosis of this contagious disease in women is a guarantee of successful treatment but most women are not fully aware of the disease which leads to an increase in the death rate.

Breast cancer is a disease like any other type of cancer but talking about it is considered taboo in the society and many women do not tell anyone about the disease due to shame or hesitation, even if the disease has reached the final stage.

Realizing the need, Pink Pakistan, which works on women's health and especially cancer, has launched a unique application on breast cancer that not only treats women living across Pakistan but provides free treatment.

In this regard, Pink Pakistan President Dr Zubeida Qazi said that the most important thing for recovery from breast cancer is timely diagnosis of the disease, so her first priority is to provide patients with basic information and self-examination procedures.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, 25,928 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in Pakistan last year alone, while 13,725 women lost their lives to the deadly disease.

This app is useful for women from all walks of life as it is available in local languages ​​and most importantly, the app informs women about self-diagnosis procedures for breast cancer.


Women with simple and easy ways can now diagnose breast cancer at home without visiting a laboratory or hospital.


Self-diagnosis of breast cancer

The first sign of breast cancer is the formation of lumps. The app offers simple and easy ways to diagnose it in local languages ​​that can be self-diagnosed.

Contact a specialist

The most important step after being diagnosed with breast cancer is to seek treatment from a specialist. Pink Pakistan has qualified and experienced breast specialists whose free services will be offered to the patients.

Patient Conversation Forum

The app also has a "discussion forum" for recovering patients and new patients, where recovering patients share their experiences with new patients, which is the best way to encourage new patients and provide direct information about the disease.

Availability in provincial languages

The uniqueness of the app is that it is available in provincial languages. Being in Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and Pashto languages, it is equally useful for women living in all parts of Pakistan.


The app can be installed from the Google Store.

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