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PIA announces reduction in international fares

According to a PIA spokesman the reduction in fares will be implemented immediately



PIA announces reduction in international fares
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Karachi: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced reduction in fares of international flights.  

According to the details, the national carrier has reduced the fares on international routes after a significant reduction in domestic flight fares.

A local news channel quoted the PIA spokesperson as saying that PIA had reduced the fares on Canadian flights by 8 per cent, while the fares on routes to Gulf countries have been reduced by 15%.

According to the spokesperson, a 10% reduction in fares has also been announced on the Saudi Arabian route.

He said that the reduction in fares would be implemented immediately.

Minister for Aviation Khawaja Saad Rafique formally announced up to 15 per cent reduction in the PIA’s fares on international routes aimed at passing on the benefit of decreased jet fuel prices to air travelers.

“The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had decreased the ticket rates of all flights operating within the country a few days back following the reduction in prices of jet fuel. And now, the PIA management after the due calculation has decided to slash fares on international routes too,” the minister said in a video message.

Accordingly, he said, it had been decided that there would be a significant decrease of 15 per cent in the PIA’s fare charges for the flights operating on the routes of Gulf and the United Arab Emirates, a 10 per cent reduction in tickets for Saudi Arabia and 8 per cent for Canada-bound flights on the existing rates.

“It will be our utmost effort that each coming facility and benefit be passed on to the public so that air travel can be made easy and inexpensive for them,” the minister vowed.