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Chairman NEPRA reviews progress of SCADA Phase-III system project

Chairman Engr. Tauseef H. Farooqui says Revised Grid Code 2023 is a landmark achievement of NTDC.



Chairman NEPRA reviews progress of SCADA Phase-III system project
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: A detailed presentation on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Phase-III Up-gradation Project was given to Chairman NEPRA Engr. Tauseef H. Farooqui in the presence of Managing Director NTDC, Engr. Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan, at WAPDA House, today.

DMDs NTDC, GMs, CEs NTDC, professionals and representatives of NEPRA, Hitachi Energy, CMEC China, CPPA-G and the NPCC were also present during the presentation. The contractor consortium comprising of CMEC China, Hitachi Energy Switzerland, Hitachi Energy Sweden were given an opportunity to present the technical and current progress status of the project. This was followed by a presentation from the Project Director SCADA Phase-III Project from NTDC. During the presentation, a question-answer session also took place.

During the presentation, the Chairman NEPRA said that the effective and timely implementation of SCADA Phase-III is critical to the evolution of the power sector in the light of the expected expansion of the power system and the operationalization of the CTBCM structure. An effective SCADA infrastructure will ensure smooth and immediate transfer of data from all over Pakistan substations and generations complexes to the System Operator, allowing it to make effective decisions regarding dispatch, operations and balancing of supply and demand ensuring reliable and affordable national grid operations.

On the other hand, CPPA-G as the Market Operator is tasked with the settlement of energy transactions on an hourly basis. With the influx of competitive supplier’s demand and generators participating in bilateral contracts, it is expected that the magnitude of these transactions will increase exponentially. Therefore, an effective power system operations, dispatch, control, data acquisition and communication needs to be put in place for reliable, accurate and efficient system operations. Taking this into account, this presentation was required by Chairman NEPRA to bring to light all delays affecting the implementation of the project.

The Chairman NEPRA directed the NTDC team to constitute and notify project management office as an independent unit to oversee and expedite the completion of the project and ensure all contractual deadlines are met and project is delivered within specified timelines. The meeting ended with a note of thanks from the Managing Director NTDC.

Prior to the presentation, an appreciation certificate awarding ceremony was held wherein Chairman NEPRA and MD NTDC gave away the certificate to the team of NTDC engineers, which developed Revised Grid Code – 2023. While acknowledging the tireless efforts of NTDC engineers, the Engr. Tauseef H. Farooqui said that Revised Grid Code 2023 is a landmark achievement of NTDC