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North Korea's failed spy satellite launch raises concern

An unsuccessful spy satellite launch by North Korea has sparked criticism and raised concerns.



North Korea's failed spy satellite launch raises concern
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Seoul: North Korea's recent attempt to launch a military spy satellite, known as "Malligyong-1," has drawn criticism and raised concerns about its military ambitions.

The satellite crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff, attributed to an "accident" during the second-stage engine's abnormal functioning.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally supervised the launch, highlighting the country's focus on developing a military spy satellite capability.

However, the rocket's failure and subsequent crash violated UN sanctions prohibiting North Korea from conducting tests involving ballistic missile technology, earning condemnation from South Korea and Japan.

Experts speculate that North Korea's pursuit of satellite launches could serve as a cover for testing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), given the technological similarities.

This has raised apprehensions about the regime's intentions and the potential for further provocative actions, including a speculated nuclear test.

Seoul's city authorities issued an emergency alert message to residents following the launch, prompting preparation for evacuation.

However, the alert was later deemed "incorrectly issued," causing confusion among the public.

Despite this setback, North Korea's determination under Kim Jong Un's leadership indicates the likelihood of future provocations.