“Fine by me”; Alexis Ohanian on being known as Serena William’s husband

“Fine by me”; Alexis Ohanian on being known as Serena William’s husband “Fine by me”; Alexis Ohanian on being known as Serena William’s husband

Alexis Ohanian has made it clear that he is absolutely fine with being known as Serna William’s husband.

Sharing an exchange with a fan on his Instagram account, Ohanian said that he could become a self-made billionaire someday but even then he will still be known as Serena William’s husband, “and it is fine by me”. He also added that he is also known as Olympia’s dad, the daughter he shares with the tennis champion.

Ohanian is nowhere near as famous as his champion spouse but he is the co-founder of Reddit and is a famous within Silicon Valley for being an internet entrepreneur. He and Serena Williams got married in 2017 and since then, Ohanian has been a vocal supporter of his wife, cheering her on from the ring side. During his wife’s match in February at the Australian Open, Ohanian wore a t-shirt that said “Greatest Female Athlete” with the word ‘female’ crossed out. The t-shirt garnered a lot of attention and praise for Ohanian who later thanked his “IG squad” for picking out the t-shirt.

Ohanian and his partners infamously sold Reddit for $10 million in 2006 to Conde Nast. In 2020, the company was valued at $6 billion. In a threat he put out on twitter a few months ago, Ohanian finally confirmed the paltry amount for which he sold Reddit and clarified his reason for doing so was his mom, Anke Ohanian’s terminal cancer diagnosis. His mother passed away in 2008 of brain cancer.

“She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer just a couple months into founding the company, so the idea of rewarding her life-long unflagging confidence in me with a $10 [million] exit was tremendously appealing,” Ohanian wrote in the tweet, adding that at that time, $10 million was an amount he had never seen in his life before.

Ohanian stayed on at Reddit for another three years. Later, he returned as CEO but finally left for good in 2015. Two years later, he was married to Serena Williams and father to their daughter, Olympia.

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