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Blue lights illuminate Moroccan sky before the earthquake

These lights aren't always visible but are primarily witnessed during earthquakes or in the vicinity of their epicenters.



Blue lights illuminate Moroccan sky before the earthquake
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Marrakesh: Morocco witnessed a devastating earthquake two days ago, resulting in casualties surpassing two thousand, while hundreds remain injured.

The catastrophe has left buildings in ruins, and rescue and relief efforts are ongoing.

In the wake of this sudden calamity, videos and images have begun to surface, with one particular video capturing the attention of many.

Just before the earthquake hit the city of Agadir in Morocco, a mysterious blue light appeared on the horizon, recorded by a CCTV camera installed at someone's home.

The initial reaction to this occurrence was uncertainty, as no immediate explanation was available for these celestial lights.

However, speculative theories soon arose.

Remarkably, this wasn't the first time such lights were recorded just before a destructive earthquake.

Similar phenomena were documented before the devastating earthquake in Turkey in February.

These lightning are famously known as Earthquake Lights (EQL), typically appearing near tectonic stress, seismic activity, or regions with active volcanic eruptions.

Astonishingly, they have been observable for thousands of years, with their first reported appearance dating back to 89 BC.