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Husband sets second wife on fire over domestic dispute

The victim separated from her initial spouse and wed Naseer, the accused, seven months ago: Police.



Husband sets second wife on fire over domestic dispute
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Gujranwala: In a recent tragic incident in Chak Bahlol, Gujranwala, Punjab, a husband, amid ongoing conflicts between his first and second wives, resorted to setting his second wife on fire.

The incident unfolded just two days ago, and the alleged perpetrator, Naseer, acted in collaboration with his first wife to commit this heinous act.

The victim, who had divorced her first husband, entered into a marriage with the accused, Naseer, approximately seven months ago.

Since then, disputes and quarrels have become a common occurrence between the two wives of Naseer.

Two days ago, the situation took a horrifying turn when Naseer, reportedly, doused his second wife with petrol and set her on fire.

The victim currently finds herself in critical condition, receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Lahore.

In response to this appalling act, the authorities have apprehended the accused, Naseer, as part of their ongoing investigation into the matter.