Instagram, Facebook working to allow bloggers to monetise content

Social media applications Instagram and Facebook are working on a new feature that will allow bloggers to monetize their creative content.

Pakistani bloggers active on Instagram are very optimistic about the new update and have welcomed such a step.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, a company that runs Instagram,  recently said concerning the new features that bloggers can earn 'extra money' by achieving a specific target.

Bloggers on Instagram can earn 'bonuses' through a certain number of 'badges' and additional benefits can be earned through the 'Stars Challenges' option on Facebook.

Bloggers will have to do specific tasks to earn bonuses through the 'Stars Challenges' option.

Mark Zuckerberg said the new change would allow brands to set commissions on products sold on Instagram.

When bloggers would tag these products in their posts, they can earn money based on the sales of the product because of their posts.

Welcoming the feature, a blogger said that small business owners likely to benefit more from this option because they rely on social media for the popularity of their product.

"This will not only benefit business people but also increase traffic to the pages of bloggers who want to increase access to their account."

With this new option to make money, bloggers will now spend more time on Facebook and Instagram than any other app.

Mark Zuckerberg said that by doing so, his company wants bloggers to benefit from creating creative content for their fans.

In this regard, Islamabad-based blogger Nazish Faiz says that bloggers spend so much time creating content, this feature will reward them for their hard work.

"It doesn't hurt the bloggers, but the companies may be hesitant because they have to pay the bloggers to market their products."

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