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AT&T is raising prices on old ‘unlimited’ plans

AT&T says it’s raising prices for customers with retired unlimited plans, but adding more data benefits.



AT&T is raising prices on old ‘unlimited’ plans
AT&T is raising prices on old ‘unlimited’ plans

AT&T is pushing prices up for customers who have stayed on old, retired “unlimited” data plans.

In August, customers can expect to see their bills rise by up to $20 for plans with multiple lines. “This is the total monthly increase, not per line increase,” the company says on its website. Customers with just a single line of service will see their charges go up $10 each month.

AT&T says it’s offering customers more high-speed data and hotspot data in return for the price hike. That’s supposed to allow people to keep their old plans that have been grand-fathered in, but with some added perks.

AT&T Unlimited Choice, Choice II, Choice Enhanced, Unlimited &More, and Unlimited Value plans will now include 75GB of high-speed data and 30GB of hotspot data.

AT&T Unlimited Plus, Plus Enhanced, Unlimited &More Premium, and AT&T Unlimited (with TV) plans will now include 100GB of high-speed data and 60GB of hotspot data.

Connected Car plans will still have the same high-speed data benefits but won’t get hotspot data, AT&T says.

Some customers might be able to save money by ditching their old plans and switching over to one of AT&T’s newer “unlimited” plans, Ars Technica notes. AT&T’s current “unlimited” plans range from $65.99 to $85.99 per month for a single line plus taxes and fees.