GNN interviews world ACCA topper Zara

GNN interviews world ACCA topper Zara GNN interviews world ACCA topper Zara

Zara Naeem Dar, the world's Associate of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) topper gave an interview to GNN regarding her recent achievement.

Zara has made a world record of topping among five lacs and twenty-seven thousand students of 179 countries has maxed the ACCA’s Financial Reporting Program (FRP).

Zara in her interview mentioned that she still aims to achieve more, testing her limits in multiple walks of her diverse interests.

The interview comprised an inclusive discussion on her educational journey and future goals.

Zara told GNN that her family was the major support and inspiration throughout thick and thin. ACCA student thanked her father for the education, training and motivation he provided that eventually ensured her success.

On the question regarding how tough is attempting ACCA assessments, she said that ACCA examinations are really tough but they are achievable. Hard work and consistency are the keys to finish any mission.

When Zara was asked about the reason she had opted ACCA, she said that from secondary level she had interest in studying mathematics and accounting. And the time she believed that this was her field, she went for ACCA and she is evidenced right.

When asked about how current ACCA aspirants can achieve success, she told GNN that the students who are currently attempting ACCA exams should work hard, no extra tuitions are required whereas practice along “Focused studies” is the most crucial aspect one needs to ace the tough exam. Strong grip on the topics is required to pass the ACCA subjects, she added.

“Encouragement of the family paved my way towards this big success, parents should support their children to regardless of what profession they children choose, I had selected accounting as my choice of study and my family backed my decision.” she replied when asked about the reason for not choosing MBBS or Engineering studies.

In addition, she went on to say that she wants to promote fields like accountancy and finance in the country.

Receiving recognition from the US embassy, Zara has been accredited for the achievement while the Government of Pakistan has also acknowledged her global accomplishment.

ACCA is the global professional accounting body, offering the Charted Certified Accountant qualification degree to almost 179 countries of the world.


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