Prime Minster has asked Nawaz Sharif to come back Pakistan, says Arif Hameed Bhatti

Lahore: Prime Minister Imran Khan has sent a message to former PM Nawaz Sharif to return back whereas Nawaz Sharif has responded that, his health condition does not let him to come Pakistan.

Senior analyst Arif Hameed Bhatti while Speaking in GNN programme "Khabar Hay" said that there is no doubt that Nawaz Sharif has contacted the Kingmakers and asked them to show a gentle attitude towards his daughter, Maryam Nawaz. The former PM also conveyed that he is concerned and worried her daughter.

“To this request some influential people initially agreed but PM Imran Khan took a stand and said she can be allowed to go abroad but first she had to face the courts,” he added.

Giving an insider, Mr Bhatti said that Imran Khan has offered Nawaz Sharif to return Pakistan, get involved in politics and face courts where justice would be ensured. On this proposal, Nawaz Sharif replied that his health does not allow him to travel.

The person who is playing the role of a bridge between both parties is asked to pave a way for Maryam Nawaz that she would be allowed to travel abroad for few days.

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