‘Google Meet’ free unlimited calls service extended until June

‘Google Meet’ free unlimited calls service extended until June ‘Google Meet’ free unlimited calls service extended until June

The popular video-calling platform Google Meet will now be available for free until June 30, as part of another extension by the company.

Earlier, a 60-minute limit was due to be introduced at the end of March.

Google launched its video conferencing service Meet for free in April 2020 to facilitate interaction between people during the coronavirus epidemic.

This conferencing service was previously only available to G Suite customers and was available for $6 per month.

However, Google had announced that the duration of the free video call will be up to 60 minutes, but it was to be implemented from September 30. But then in September, the period was extended to March 31, 2021, and the one-hour limit was lifted.

Now the company has again announced that customers will be able to use Google Meet for free until June 30, during which time they will be able to make calls for up to 24 hours.

Meanwhile, users can now add up to 100 people to a Google Meet video conference, and to add more people, they need to purchase a Google Workspace subscription, after which up to 250 people can join the conference.

These people will not only need to install the Google Meet app but can also be able to be part of the conference through a web browser while a Gmail account is required to use the free version of Google Mate.

Google has also taken various steps to protect privacy, including host controls, whether or not to add someone to a meeting, mute or remove people from the chat, complex meeting codes and encryption.

Google Mate can be used on the desktop and in apps on iOS and Android devices.

How to access Google Meet via Gmail?

Now that Google Meet’s free version is available for another three months, you should take advantage of it and try using the video-calling platform for as many calls as you want. You can do so by downloading the Google Meet app on your Android/iOS phone or heading to the website for the purpose.

However, there is another easy, ‘without any hassle’ way to conduct Google Meet calls. Just open Gmail. Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Open your Gmail. This can be done either on your Android or iOS device or via the web.

Step 2: On the Gmail app, there is a separate Meet icon, clicking on which you can start your voice or video calls. You just need to tap on it > Start a new meeting or join an existing one with a code you have > and you will be able to start a video call with ease.

Step 3: On Gmail for the web, you just need to head to the Meet section on the left-hand side, and select either of the two options available (New Meeting and Join a Meeting) to start a video call.

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