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‘Will serve legal notice on Imran Khan,’ PPP leader reacts to PTI Chief's claims

Sharjeel Memon while reacting to the claim of Imran Khan that Asif Ali Zardari has concocted plan C for his assassination says that the PTI Chief has always made such accusations to grab media attention.



‘Will serve legal notice on Imran Khan,’ PPP leader reacts to PTI Chief's claims
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Karachi: PPP leader Sharjeel Memon reacted to Imran Khan’s accusations against Asif Ali Zardari, saying that “they will serve legal notice on the PTI Chief”.

Sharjeel Memon said that Imran Khan always made fake accusations to grab  media attention.

“We will serve legal notice on Imran Khan over these accusations,” said the PPP leader in response to the PTI Chief’s address to the nation.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan  said that PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari paid money to a group of terrorists to take his life.

"Zardari has huge corruption money and he has paid to a group of terrorist for my life under Plan C," claimed Imrna Khan while addressing the nation on Friday evening.

He alleged that the money he looted from the Sindh government either was spent on the elections and now he paid that money to a terrorist organization to take his life.

"I have already mentioned four people and now Zardari," said Imran Khan, pointing out that he would take out to the streets in two weeks. 

"I have told this to the nation so they could know and could not forgive the people behind the plot to kill me," he added.

The PTI Chief warned that worsening economic crisis could put the national security at  the stake in the coming days. He said that there would be serious consequences of sky-rocketing inflation in the coming days. 

Imran Khan criticized Ishaq Dar for his failed economic policies, pointing out that the country was heading towards severe crisis.

He also compared the performance of his government and the performance of the present coalition government during his live speech on TV on Friday.

The PTI Chief apprehended that he never saw fascism in Pakistan even during the Musharraf’s era but the present regime was using different tactics to spread fears.

Khan regretted, “Swati and Fawad Chaudhary were arrested in the darkness and journalist Arshad Sharif was subjected to brutal murders to spread fear among the people, so nobody could raise the question,”.

The PTI Chief said that the consequences would be severe by the policies and Pakistan could be trapped in big trouble.

The state institutions were heading towards more devastation.

Parliament, he said, had lost its respect while FIA was damaged during the coalition government. He stated that the NAB was damaged.

The judiciary, he said, was pressurized, so there would be trouble in rule of law.

He also said that these are defining time for the judiciary and they were looking towards it for the fundamental rights and supremacy of the Constitution.

“At this stage, when our enemies have been made part of the caretaker setup, we are looking towards  the judiciary,” he asked the judiciary.

He also addressed the public that they should come out of fear at this moment, urging them to get ready for struggle for freedom.

“I will fight for my country and for my own freedom until my last breath,” said Khan, asking the people not be silent.