Robbers wipe out another bank

Robbers wipe out another bank Robbers wipe out another bank

Karachi: Another private bank was wiped out in Karachi during the weekend in which the armed burglars pillaged dozens of bank lockers and fled away.

Along with street crime, bank robberies are also on the rise as last month armed thieves stormed a bank and looted millions of rupees and escaped.

According to the details, the latest robbery took place in Karachi’s Sakhi Hassan area in which four-armed suspects entered the bank and snatched weapons from the security guard on duty and made them hostage after which the bank’s lockers were mugged.

According to the police report, the robbers also brought a gas cylinder and a cutter machine to cut the lockers of the bank.

SSP Central Malik Murtaza told the media that the accused cut off 34 lockers and looted the belongings of the locker-holders. The value of the looted goods is said to be crores of rupees. After the incident, the plunderers also took away the DVR system of the bank.

Malik Murtaza said that the security guard on duty went for dinner with his friend. When he came back, the muggers entered along with him and stayed for 8 hours in the bank.

SSP added, “It appears from the incident that the accused already had information.”

However, Police has also detained two security guards of the bank for further investigation.

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