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Extinct butterfly reappears in UK

Extremely rare butterfly species reappeared in London.



Extinct butterfly reappears in UK
GNN Media: Representational Photo

London: Enthusiasts and naturalists are buzzing with excitement over the recent sightings of an extremely rare butterfly species that was thought to be extinct in Britain for nearly a century.

Elusive black-veined white butterflies have made a mysterious comeback, fluttering across fields and hedgerows on the outskirts of London.

Initially mistaken for common cabbage white butterflies, these small numbers of black-veined whites have been spotted in southeast London.

The species was officially declared extinct in Britain in 1925, making their sudden reappearance all the more remarkable.

The black-veined whites, known for their medium size and distinctive black vein patterns on their wings, were historically listed as a British species during the reign of King Charles II.

Their preferred habitat consists of hawthorn and blackthorn trees, where they have been observed gracefully flitting between hedgerows.