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Bilawal refutes rigging claims of Pir Pagara, Maulana Fazl in Sindh

The PPP chairman challenges Maulana [Fazl] and Pir Pagara to come out  and contest by-election against him, urging them to come up with the evidence of rigging if they have any.



Bilawal refutes rigging claims of Pir Pagara, Maulana Fazl in Sindh
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Thatha: Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that they were collecting complaints regarding elections and would present them before the relevant legal forums for their redressal.

“If we do not get justice then we can  come to you [the public,” said Bilawal Bhutto, regretting over the countrywide protests of the country which he believed could not win the elections. He was addressing a gathering in Thatha on Sunday.

He said he was not demanding the prime ministershi for himself rather they wanted to play role to provide relief to the people.

“I was offered two years premiership but I declined, because I will become the prime minister only when the people will chose me,” said the PPP chairman.

He said that he would prefer premiership only when the people wanted him and would play his role for the public.

“It is time to save Pakistan,” said Bilawal, mentioning 1977 era of his grandfather. He said that the allegations of rigging surfaced during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s era.

“Today, there are some politicians who open up about rigging but they actually want dictatorship in the country,” said Bilawal, adding that the PPP was the only political party which would foil all such attempts.

The PPP, he said, decided to play its role to cool down the fire in all provinces of the country after the elections and decided to chant old slogan of “Pakistan Khappa” once again.

He invited all the political parties to think about Pakistan and its public, saying that they could play their role only through the democratic norms.

“If the politics of division and hate continue then there will danger to our federation,” said Bilawal, seeking promise from his party workers to support if the federation or Pakistan came under any danger.

“You have to take out to the streets like you took out during Zulfiqar and Benazir’s eras. If you are with me and if we struggle together then nobody can damage our federation and democracy,” he added.

All those, he said, who were blaming them should come to the appropriate forums and address their concerns, because addressing issues on the basis of lies was not possible.

He said that his party workers came under attack during this election and despite all that, they were being accused of rigging. He said they knew their [opponents] efforts and he knew that their efforts would fail.

The PPP chairman while coming down hard upon the GDA leadership in directly in his speech invited his opponents to come and point out where the rigging was done.

“Benazir used to defeat his father [Pir Pagara, and despite that he claims his victory in this election. I also defeated them. On one side, a man calls himself Maulana and tells a lie, and on the other hand, there is a peer who is claiming rigging. Come and tell me where the rigging was done. The fact is that we have defeated you two to three times. My mother and grandfather defeated you and your father,” said Bilawal.

He went on to mention the previous elections since 2002.

“He did not come out to run election campaign and now he claims he was defeated. Come if you have Form 45,” said Bilawal.

He also challenged GDA leaders and Maulana Fazlur Rehman to come  and contest elections against him.

“I will defeat you in the by-elections. I am leaving one seat. Come and contest by-election against me, and I will defeat you,” he challenged.

The PPP chairman said that holding a gathering and contesting election are two different things.

“Madrassas students take part in their gatherings,” said Bilawal while targeting Maulana Fazlur Rehman. While targeting Pir Pagara, Bilawal said Pir Pagara rarely came out and he has many Mureeds,” he said.

“He [Pir Pagara] claims that the PPP wanted to become ally of the GDA. But the fact is opposite as the brother of Pir sahib told me that they were against me and would join me at the later stage,” said Bilawal.

“We defeated them [GDA leaders] and now they are crying,” he stated.

The PPP chairman said that his party workers were martyred in different cities of Sindh.  Bilawal said they tried to make Imran Khan understand for the democracy.

“Today, Imran Khan’s leaders are claiming victory in this election but despite their victory, they cannot government without the PPP’s support,” said Bilawal.

He said they decided to join those who came to them without taking ministries. He said they would  ensure to secure democracy and federation in the country.

“Asif Ali Zardari will our candidate for president office. When he will assume his office he will control this fire and will save the federation,” he stated.

The upcoming Sindh government, the PPP chairman said, would run affairs of this province, and before the next budget, special teams would visit different parts of Sindh.

“We will work together and will work for Sindh,” he added.