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Shab-e-Baraat will be observed with religious fervor and zeal tonight

The worshippers will spend the night by offering special prayers and seeking blessings of Almighty Allah.



Shab-e-Baraat will be observed with religious fervor and zeal tonight
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Lahore: The Shab-e-Baraat will be observed with full religious passion, zeal and enthusiasm across the country tonight.

The religious organisations will arrange special Quranic sittings, seminars and Mahafils to highlight the importance of this night.

The Auqaf Department will also hold Mahafil-e-Qirat, Hamd-o-Naat and Dorood-o-Salam in various mosques. The mosques have been decorated with the colorful lights to mark the sacred night. The worshipers will spend their night while praying and offering ‘Nawafils’. The special sittings will also be arranged for Darood-o-Salam and Zikr. The faithful will visit the shrines to pay homages to the saints and beloved people Almighty Allah.  

The people will also distribute food in a bid to seek blessings of Almighty Allah on this special eve.

Shab-e- Baraat has a great significance as the teachings of Islam and special blessings of Almighty Allah are showered upon his creatures this night.

According to the religious scholars,  Shab-e-Baraat means a lot for those who want “Baraat” [to get rid of sins or to get rid of hell]. Baraat is an Arabic word which also means getting rid of [something] or getting free [of sins and curse].

Fasting on 15th of Shaban—the eighth month of Islamic calendar of Hijrah—is also observed. The Hadits have expressed great significance of this night and fasting on the following day. Observing fast on Shahan 15 is also Sunnat, and it is clearly mentioned in the authentic books of Hadits.