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Five rape cases reported in Lahore during last 24 hours

Lahore: Five rape cases have been reported by Lahore police in the last 24 hours on Wednesday.



Five rape cases reported in Lahore during last 24 hours
Five rape cases reported in Lahore during last 24 hours

According to local media, all five incidents of rape were registered at different police stations across the city, stated the police.

One case was filed in Lahore’s Johar town area, others from Bhagatpura area, Lari Ada, Manawan and Church Road.

Maqbool was identified as the man who allegedly raped his 16-year-old stepdaughter in Johar Town, the complaint was filed by the accused’s wife.

In Bhagatpura area, a case of rape was registered at the Shadbagh police station. The woman had four children.

As per police reports, a 10-year-old was raped in Manawan, the suspect has not been identified. 

A 17-year-old girl was lured by a job offer and raped by a person whose identity is, in the Ladi area.

The Nawankot police has a 15-year-old in its custody, who was about to rape a seven-year-old girl on Church Road.

The escalation of an alarming number of sexual violence cases have been witnessed against women in Pakistan.

According to the Federal Ministry of Human Rights, there has been a decline in the reported cases of violence against women but the state of women’s rights is quite disturbing in Sindh and Punjab.

Referring to Sindh and southern Punjab, the officials have commented that the places are ‘hell’ for women and their rights.

The Ministry of Human Rights Toll-Free Helpline confirms that 73% of the total cases of violence against women originate from Punjab.

Courtesy: Geo News