WhatsApp users send 100b messages/month, make over 1b calls/day

WhatsApp, Facebook's proprietary messaging application has completed 12 years since its operation and the app has released statistics of its usage.

The messaging application WhatsApp says that "users of the app make more than one billion calls a day."

"More than two billion users turn to the WhatsApp each month to send 100 billion messages and to connect make more than one billion calls each day," WhatsApp said in a message released on Twitter.

In the same Tweet, WhatsApp mentioned the issue of data security, which has been causing users anxiety for some time, and announced the continuation of end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp recently released an update on the privacy of its business accounts, saying that "the new terms must be accepted or the account will be deleted."

There was a strong reaction from users to the issue and many turned to other applications for messaging although WhatsApp tried to handle the issue through a series of explanations but users were disbanded after the update.

Numerous explanations for restoring end-to-end encryption may not be the same for app users. Users on the recent WhatsApp update expressed their concerns.

A user claimed that the metadata of messages is not encrypted, he wrote, “Whether I have a business account or not, I see the same ads as I talk to my friends. End-to-end encryption does not mean data privacy. You (WhatsApp) are still sharing data with an unreliable company.”

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