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Journey from resistance to reconciliation!



The effects of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban's occupation of the entire country are being felt throughout the region.

Imran Yaqub Khan Profile Imran Yaqub Khan

The Afghan Taliban will conquer Kabul, a prediction made by the US intelligence a year ago, and the chairman of the US military, Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milli, acknowledged it in a US Senate committee. Mark Milli also said he had been adamant for a year that if the United States left Afghanistan unconditionally, no one would be able to stop the Afghan Taliban from occupying the country, with the help of the United States and its allies. The established Afghan army and government will disintegrate.

In view of this change in the region, major capitals have formulated policies and Pakistan is nowhere to be seen in these policies. Whether it is the US trilateral defense alliance-- Oaks --or the four-member informal alliance-- Quad, or the European Union's Indo-Pacific policy, India seems to be important in all pacts.

A few short-sighted people who call themselves intellectuals and analysts are celebrating victory without fully understanding the situation in the region. Terrorism has witnessed an increase in the country since the formation of the Afghan Taliban government, and after the Taliban's victory, there were 35 terrorist attacks in Pakistan in August alone, in which 52 civilians were killed. The figures, published by the American broadcaster Bloomberg with reference to the South Asia Terrorism Portal, are shocking. Economic activity is influenced by Bloomberg reports, and foreign investors and international financial institutions formulate policies based on Bloomberg reports.

It's not difficult to predict what effect the Bloomberg report and the new wave of terrorism will have on the country's already crippled economy, but some unscrupulous friends of the rulers are still chanting "all is well". Same Bloomberg report mentioned that a foreign investor had postponed a deal to buy a Pakistani company, which is just one example.

Ameer Khan Muttaqi, the foreign minister in Kabul's interim government, said in a statement yesterday that US drones were flying over Afghanistan, a clear violation of state sovereignty. He named the United States and called on governments around the world to respect Afghanistan's sovereignty. Where did these drones fly from and through which route did they enter Afghanistan? The interim government of Kabul has not given any indication yet but this issue will also arise tomorrow and Pakistan could be traditionally blamed. Prime Minister Imran Khan had long ago raised the slogan of "Absolutely Not", but perhaps the new administration of Kabul also began to doubt Islamabad and this slogan became a sign of diplomatic failure and our rulers were seen muttering this message.

"Even strangers are angry with me, even strangers are unhappy."

If that were the case, efforts would have been made to improve the situation, but the situation is much worse now. A storm is about to lift. The coming of this storm is signaled by a bill to be introduced in the US Senate. The bill aims to impose sanctions on those who helped the Taliban conquer Kabul. Within 180 days of the bill's passage, the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence will submit a report to the congressional committee detailing Taliban supporters.

The first report will look at which state and non-state actors, including the government of Pakistan, helped the Taliban between 2001 and 2020. Who provided the Taliban with safe havens, financial support, intelligence, medical care and supplies? Armed them and helped determine their military, administrative or strategic direction? It will also look at how the Pakistani government, including state and non-state actors, helped overthrow the US-led Afghan government in 2021. The report, called for in the proposed US congressional bill, also called for a review of allegations that the Pakistani government, including state and non-state actors, attacked the Taliban in the September 2021 Panjshir Valley and resisted the Taliban. Helped

The powers that be must have sensed the internal situation of the country and the geopolitical situation in the region and the storm raging in the US Congress. Feeling the atmosphere and maybe that is why the ruling party is also going into electoral mode. Recently, a few political birds that have changed allegiances have been brought under the sway of the PTI. These birds have come at a price, not at the behest of traditional power centers, but at the behest of this government. The leaders of the opposition parties will also get hints and they have sensed the situation on the basis of political experience.

The signs that the opposition making preparations have been circulating for days, but former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's virtual address on Tuesday is an important development in this regard. Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif said, "Your and my slogan is, respect the vote, these are our goals, abide by the constitution, do not break the parliament, do not arrest the prime minister, let the country run, and respect the civil government. 

If we get all this through reconciliation, then Bismillah (With the name of Allah Almighty), if we get it through resistance, then still Bismillah, we are ready for both." This speech of the former prime minister is a sign of political change in the country, the clear proof of which and the first major change is the willingness of the PML-N leader himself for reconciliation.

All further stages in the journey from resistance to reconciliation are in the hands of PML-N President Mian Shehbaz Sharif. It seems that Shehbaz Sharif has persuaded his elder brother without holding his feet. If this is indeed the case, then understand that now an interesting turning point has come in this political game and this is the decisive turning point.

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COVID-19: Letter issued for sealing more 10 educational institutions

District Health Office has issued letters regarding sealing of all affected educational institutions

Published by Faisal Waqas



Islamabad: The Islamabad district health officer (DHO) has recommended sealing 10 more schools after detection of COVID-19 cases on Sunday. 

According to the details, the District Health Office has issued letters regarding sealing of all affected educational institutions. The letter was issued after detection of cases in these educational institutions. 

A letter was sent to DC office regarding sealing of 10 more educational institutions. In a letter to the city administrant, the DHO suggested closing down the 10 more educational institutions immediately in the federal capital. The schools should be kept close till further directions, proposed the health officer.

It may be recalled that corona cases have been reported in nearly 40 educational institutions in the last five days. Letters were issued by the District Health Office regarding the sealing of all affected educational institutions.

Earlier, following to spike in coroanviurs cases, the District Health Officer (DHO) had sealed nine more schools due to confirmation in the cases of students at several educational institutions in Islamabad.

21 cases of coronavirus had been reported in nine more government educational institutions in the federal capital amid surge in coronavirus cases following which the DHO has ordered immediate closure of educational institutions.

According to the letter issued by the DHO, the educational institutions reporting Covid case should be closed immediately and the institutions will remain closed till further intimation.

After the opening of educational institutions, 17 educational institutions have been sealed so far in the capital. Two cases reported in Islamabad Model School for Girls, F-6/1. Four tested positive for coronavirus in Islamabad Model College for Girls, F-7/2.

Two cases confirmed in Islamabad College for Girls, F-6/2 and Islamabad Model School for Girls, G-6/2, respectively. Two cases were reported in Islamabad Model School for Boys, I-8/4.

Two cases of coronavirus were reported in Islamabad Model College for Girls F-7/4. Two cases of corona also confirmed in Islamabad Model School for Girls, Model Town, Humak.

Three cases of Covid-19 also reported in Islamabad Model College for Girls, Rawal Town. Two corona cases were reported in Islamabad Model College for Girls, I-10/4.

On the other hand, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat said on his Twitter handle, "Due to covid rise Islamabad Administration has started sealing schools for a period of ten days so that contact tracing can be done and positive cases are prevented to interact with other kids."

The per day COVID-19 positivity rate has crossed 10 percent in Islamabad, according to the official.

He said the city s administration had also launched a crackdown on those violating the government-prescribed standard operating procedures (SOPs) to prevent the spread of the virus.

"Please wear masks and get everyone around you vaccinated as soon as possible," the deputy commissioner urged.

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Security forces recover large cache of weapons, ammunition in South Waziristan IBO: ISPR

Security forces conducted the operation after receiving information

Published by Siddra Sumreen



Rawalpindi: Security forces have conducted an Intelligence Based Operation in Serwekai area in South Waziristan, ISPR reported on Sunday.

In a statement, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said security forces conducted the operation after receiving information that terrorists were present in a hideout in the area.

According to ISPR, a large quantity of weapons, ammunition and improvised explosive device (IED) preparation material was recovered from the hideout.

The recovered cache of weapons, includes sub-machine guns, RPG-7, hand grenades and large quantity of ammunition of multiple calibers, the ISPR added.

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Global pandemic hits world economies, Pakistan no exception: PM Imran Khan

PM Office provides landline number for citizens wanting to talk directly to premier. 

Published by Siddra Sumreen



Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday said that the global inflation and price hike of commodities triggered by sharp disruption in the supply and demand chain, due to Covid 19 pandemic, had affected all the countries of the world alike including Pakistan.

In a fifth session of “Aap Ka Wazir Azam Aap Key Sath’ programme, the prime minister said that post-Covid scenario sent the prices of vital commodities skyrocketing and Pakistan was not the only country in the world to bear the brunt of imported global price hike.

According to PM Office Media Wing, the prime minister had held four such like live Tv sessions with the public last year. About 86 questions, 74 on telephone calls and 12 others via social media, were responded by the prime minister during these sessions.

The callers had raised different issues pertaining to corruption, land grabbing, inflation, coronavirus, Riyasat-i-Madina, etc., besides giving certain suggestions.

The highest participation in these sessions was made by the callers from Punjab province followed by Islamabad Capital Territory, Sindh and KPK. About 11 percent among these participants were overseas Pakistanis.

Major redressal of the public grievances included inheritance share of land as raised by a resident of Kohat, improvement of traffic system in Lahore, construction of RHC at a land donated by a resident of Sarai Alamgir for which the government of Punjab had allocated Rs30 million for the proposed scheme, waterlogging issue due to Gojra main drain in Faisalabad, stone crushing pollution issue at Ghora Gali, etc road, corruption in the utility store, passport issue at Pakistan embassy in Germany and initiation of criminal proceedings related to encroached land of an overseas Pakistani.

Issuance of prompt directions and resolution of their grievances by the prime minister had been widely appreciated by the participants who had also expressed their acknowledgment and gratitude to the prime minister.

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