3 Asians killed in skirmish for 5,000 Dirhams in Dubai

Dubai Police have arrested several people after three people were killed in a clash between groups armed with knives and wooden bats.

Police said 13 people armed with knives and wooden bats fought for 5,000 dirhams which left at least three people dead and several seriously injured.

However, Police have not yet identified the suspects, but say they were Asians but did not say what caused the fighting.

According to an international news outlet, the accused managed to escape from the scene but were arrested within 24 hours.

Director of the Dubai Police's Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf said the command and control centre had received an emergency call reporting an altercation in the Naif area.

"Our patrol team rushed to the scene to protect the lives and property of the people, where we found three bodies and three others were seriously injured," he said.

"Thirteen people were involved in the altercation, three of whom were killed and as many injured," he said. "Seven people managed to escape before we arrived."

Colonel Adel Al Joker, assistant director-general of Criminal Research Affairs said the suspects were identified and arrested within 24 hours, and legal action would be taken against all, including the injured.

Dubai police rarely provide crime statistics but have previously confirmed incidents in areas where low-income Asians or Africans live who are having a hard time living away from home to support their families.

It should be noted that this incident has taken place at a time when Dubai is suffering from an economic downturn due to the coronavirus and which has caused a wave of economic downturn in the world's most stable economy.

The region's economy is heavily dependent on tourism, hospitality and retail sectors, which have been hardest hit since COVID-19.

Local authorities have redoubled their efforts in recent months to protect and promote their safe and tourist-friendly identity.

The State Department believes that the crime rate in Dubai is much lower than similar cities around the world, but this does not mean that Dubai is safe, but that theft and robbery, as well as minor violence, occur here.

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