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CM Naqvi inaugurates upgraded General, Ganga Ram hospitals

The doctors and the nurses specially thank CM Mohsin Naqvi for increasing the number of beds in the hospitals.



CM Naqvi inaugurates upgraded General, Ganga Ram hospitals
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: A highly dilapidated condition of the General Hospital and Ganga Ram Hospital has been entirely transformed in 90 days only.

 Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the upgraded emergency block, latest modular operation theatres unit and old surgical block of the General Hospital today.

CM also inaugurated the upgraded C-Block and medical wards of the Ganga Ram Hospital. The General and Ganga Ram Hospitals have become state-of-the-art hospitals in a record period of time.

The doctors and the nurses specially thanked CM Mohsin Naqvi for increasing the number of beds in the hospitals. Mohsin Naqvi stated that on the whole, 1 lakh 40 thousands square feet area of the Ganga Ram Hospital has been upgraded.

CM lauded the Provincial Minister for Information Amir Mir for getting the upgradation work accomplished with a high quality adding that the Provincial Minister Amir Mir and the C&W department by working day and night has made the impossible work of general hospital possible. A number of 30-beds have been added in the emergency block of the General Hospital.

Mohsin Naqvi inspected the reception counter of the emergency block along with the first and second floors. He also witnessed 9 latest modular operation theatres of the emergency block. He inspected the latest modular operation theatre unit in the main General Hospital. 6 state-of-the-art operation theatres have been built in the unit where the latest system has been installed for controlling the temperature.

Mohsin Naqvi reviewed the upgradation work of the old block and appreciated its high quality of work. The building being constructed in 1960 has been completely upgraded after 64 years. CM visited C-Block, wards of the Ganga Ram Hospital and also inspected the upgraded private rooms. He directed to place chairs a fridge and a TV in the private rooms adding that the cafeteria of the C-Block should be shifted at some appropriate place.

Mohsin Naqvi directed to establish a separate counter for the nurses in the C-Block. He also visited the lawn being established inside the hospital and issued necessary directions for the waiting area. Secretary Health gave a briefing about the upgradation project of both the hospitals.

CM highlighted that for the first time in the history of Punjab, provision of complete treatment facilities for the patients in the hospitals have been significantly improved.

CM extolled that the whole team worked with a great amount of devotion and diligence. Provincial Ministers Dr. Javed Akram, Amir Mir, Chairman P&D Board, Secretaries of Health, C&W, Commissioner Lahore, Principal General Hospital Prof. Dr. Al-Fareed Zafar, MS Ganga Ram Hospital, VC FJMU and concerned officials were also present on the occasion.