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SHC seeks response from govt in internet shutdown case

Sindh High Court (SHC) postponed the hearing by March 5.



SHC seeks response from govt in internet shutdown case
SHC seeks response from govt in internet shutdown case

Karachi: Sindh High Court (SHC) has sought response from federal government in internet shutdown case and postponed the hearing by March 5. 

According to the details, Chief justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi heard the plea against the internet shutdown. 

Justice Sindh remarked that the government can share the official posts while sitting in drawing room then What is the need of elections?

Aqeel inquired that the internet service is still not working properly even in SHC then when it will be restored. 

Applicant’s lawyer told that the internet service was blocked on polling day. 

Pakistan Telecommunication authority’s (PTA) lawyer stated that the PTA obeys the orders of interior ministry. Broadcasting, Interior minister and on Intelligence agencies ordered to PTA to block internet service.

Ahmed Abbasi said that people don’t even have right to contest in these elections. People wanted to run campaign for elections through internet service. If the government wants this type of election then there is no need of elections. 

PTA’s lawyer replied that the administration only obeyed the orders which were given to the institution. 

Justice Mubeen questioned that mention those threats amid internet service were blocked. 

PTI’ lawyer answered that the threats were not told to the department. 

Federal government’s lawyer said that internet was blocked by the applications of provincial governments. 

Aqeel interrogated from the lawyer that the Sindh government also asked to shutdown the internet. 

Sindh government’s lawyer responded that there was no application filed by the government on internet shutdown. He also asked for some more time to submit the response. 

Aqeel Abbasi got furious on the lawyers’ response and said that why the orders of court not followed by the institutions? What kind of response has been submitted to court on the applicant’s plea? 

This is not going to be fine. The court is asking about a specific time period and the major reasons to block internet services, He added. 

The court ordered to restore the internet service as soon as possible.