Elon Musk targeted by anonymous hacker group

Elon Musk targeted by anonymous hacker group Elon Musk targeted by anonymous hacker group

Washington: The CEO of tech giant Tesla, Elon Musk was reportedly targeted by an unidentified group of hackers responsible for committing some of the biggest digital scams in the recent weeks.

As per details, the anonymous account has caused a lot of distress to several organizations, including PayPal, Scientology is now targeting tech star Elon Musk.

In their latest video, they target Elon, claiming that the power he wields over cryptocurrency markets and the arrogant way he uses it has gone far enough, especially when it comes to Bitcoin, which has been reacting unchecked lately.

Anonymous confirms that while Elon has positioned himself as concerned about the environment with Tesla’s pivot away from Bitcoin, he does not practice what he preaches within the company itself – many accusations against him and Tesla’s practices in general, TMZ reports.

The anonymous further criticized Elon on a personal note, saying he suffers from a “superiority complex” – noting that he once called himself the “Emperor of Mars” – and that he hurts the working class and their prospects through his constant crypto-trolling. .

Concluding his complaint note, the anonymous added that he thinks “Elon is not a friend of the common man,” something they considered themselves to be.

Elon recently announced that the company has stopped accepting bitcoin as payment for its cars out of concern — that it will contribute to greater fossil fuel consumption.

The business magnate and SpaceX founder shared a statement about the same on Twitter on Wednesday. Tesla didn’t start accepting bitcoin until late March.

The 49-year old industrial designer also said Tesla will no longer sell the $1.5 billion in bitcoins it bought earlier this year. Tesla sold some of that bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021, which ultimately helped build the company’s quarterly earnings figures.

Elon has also hyped another cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, in which Tesla has not invested. He has mentioned Dogecoin, which was invented as a joke to denounce bitcoin, his favorite cryptocurrency and “the cryptocurrency of the people”.

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