NCOC allows walk-in vaccination for citizens aged 18, above

NCOC allows walk-in vaccination for citizens aged 18, above NCOC allows walk-in vaccination for citizens aged 18, above

Islamabad: The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) on Wednesday decided to ease business restrictions around the country.

"From 11th June onwards 18 years+ citizens will be able to avail the walk-in facility in vaccination centres," said the forum in a statement.


The NCOC meeting decided on a three-pronged strategy for a nationwide mass vaccination campaign along with running a voluntary vaccination strategy for all citizens.

According to the statement, vaccination has been made mandatory for all public and private sector employees.

All public and private sector employees must be vaccinated by June 30.

Vaccination centres across the country will remain open from June 11 from 8 am to 10 pm, while inoculation centres will remain open on Fridays but will remain closed on Sundays.

It was further decided in the NCOC meeting that the businesses would be closed one day instead of two days a week, the provinces would decide which day the business is to be closed.

The forum has also relaxed the 50 per cent work-from-home policy and that the offices will now be able to continue working with 100 per cent attendance.

The meeting also decided to end the two-day ban on inter-provincial transport.

The ban on 50 per cent passengers on public transport has been eased as 70 per cent passengers will now be allowed to avail public transport.

According to the NCOC, shrines and cinemas will remain closed, only specific non-contact sports activities will be allowed while karate, boxing, mixed martial arts, rugby, kabaddi, wrestling will be banned.

Ban on cultural events, festivals and all other such gatherings will remain in place.

The NCOC says that the procedure for verification of the COVID Vaccination Certificate will be worked out by the end of June.

NCOC’s latest decisions will be implemented from June 15.

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