Govt officially admits Ali Sadpara ‘no more in this world’

Govt officially admits Ali Sadpara ‘no more in this world’ Govt officially admits Ali Sadpara ‘no more in this world’

Skardu: Government has officially declared that Pakistan’s iconic mountaineer Ali Sadpara and his team are no more alive.

While addressing a press conference, Minister of Tourism for Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Raja Nasir Ali Khan said that considering the extreme weather conditions on K2, government, Pakistan Army and families of missing mountaineers have come to the conclusion that the climbers are no more in this world.

 “Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Sajid Sadpara will be awarded with civil honors. It has been proposed to Federal Government to attribute Skardu Airport to Muhammad Ali Sadpara. A school for mountaineering will be set up under the name of Ali Sadpara and provincial government would support Sadpara’s family financially,” he said.

The provincial minister further said that educational scholarships will be awarded to the children of national heroes.

Also speaking on occasion, Sajid Ali Sadpara said that his father and two other team members went missing on an expedition to summit K2.

“I, along with several other international mountaineers, have a firm believe that accident happened on their way back after they had summited K2. In this time of immense grief, the support and love by fellow Pakistanis has been a source of great encouragement of money. Pakistan has lost a patriotic national hero,” he said.

Sajid Sadpara vowed to continue his father’s unfilled mission and dreams while extending gratitude to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa for providing help in rescue mission.

Thank you to the brave pilots of Military Aviation Skardu. All available resources were used in search and rescue operation. Modern technology was used in this long rescue operation,” he said.

On February 05, renowned Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his expedition team went missing while trying to summit missing K2 and contact with them has not been established since Friday.

Sadpara along with Icelandic mountaineer John Snorri, and Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto were on the K2 Winter Expedition 2021, when they went missing all of a sudden.

Sajid Ali Sadpara, son of much-loved mountaineer, was also the part of expedition but came back from the bottle neck after experiencing difficulty with his oxygen cylinder.

Soon after, Pakistan Army launched a rescue and search operation using helicopters in an extremely challenging weather and flew as high as 7,000 meters but was unable to spot anyone.

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