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Sorry, Palestine; we are powerless



A recent picture I saw spoke to me. It was of a Palestinian child, martyred by Israeli brutality.

Faheem Ahmad Profile Faheem Ahmad

The child asked me what was the use of Pakistan being a mighty atomic force, of the fabled wealth of Arab nations, of Iran’s revolutionary guard, of Turkey’s great history and of Muslim unity, when my life can be sniffed out this easily. The image of the child was not the only one that asked these questions. I saw pictures of women running for their lives, of innocent people left at the mercy of the cruelest force in the world. And each image seemed to beseech, what happened to your faith, your self-respect.

To each question, I felt like replying, you unarmed Palestinians are indeed better than all of us.

I fear the day we Muslims will show up before Allah, and he will ask, why did you not help these people? I fear that these victims of terror will stand beside God and ask him to question us over our silence, our failure to help. I am afraid that our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be there to witness the Palestinian children accuse us of cowardice and of complicity.

Would Allah be satisfied with our reply that we had to follow global laws? That we did not have the economic might to face off with Israel? Or that we were cautious because we did not want to become a victim ourselves? Of course not. On that day, in front of our God and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) we will stand ashamed at our behavior.

So what can we actually do? Take up arms and march towards Palestine? We will be stopped, incarcerated or sent back at the very first border we will hit. The solution lies in truthfully examining the reasons that have rendered the Muslim Ummah completely useless.

We will have to acknowledge that Muslim countries have weak political structures that allow incompetent rulers to reach the pinnacle of power. We will have to admit that the division of the nation into borders and countries, which could have been our very strength, has made us selfish, helpless and even cowards. These rulers, lacking courage, are neither able to do anything themselves except issue empty statements, nor will allow their people to do anything. In fact, openly and in secret, Muslim countries are always out to scheme against one another.

Our enemy would be foolish to not attack this fragmented lot. And the enemy is anything but foolish.

It is time to put illogical religious fanaticism, empty emotional slogans and hollow condemnations to bed. Practical steps are required, ones that are based on what our religion tells us. Perhaps we need to once again revise history. How did Salahuddin conquer Jerusalem? Through the power of his belief, unity, learning through past mistakes and flawless planning. We would do well to remember that great nations are not built on emotions, but on self-accountability, planning and struggle.

If the Muslim world really does want to be free of the pain that is being inflicted on it, then it simply needs to take two steps. One, the establishment of an ideological system inside Muslim countries. Two, unity. I know this will not be easy. In fact it will be exceedingly difficult. But I see no other solution.

New life needs to be breathed into the Muslim Ummah. For that, a deep internal cleanse will have to take place before we can stand united under a flag. If we do not adopt this solution, we are condemning ourselves to a hundred more years of meaningless condemnation.

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‘We’re exploring legal response,' Bilawal reacts to Imran’s accusations

The PPP Chairman said that Khan’s allegations had increased the threat to him and his family as there was a history of attacks on his close family members.

Published by Farhan Malik



Karachi: Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Chairman and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday came down hard upon PTI Chief Imran Khan and said that he should be careful about his statements.

Taking to Twitter, Bilawal Bhutto said, “Imran must realize every time his wife has a dream he cannot just come on tv & make accusations about people. Her dreams won’t stand up in court,”.

In another tweet, the PPP Chairman said that Khan’s allegations had increased the threat to him and his family as there was a history of attacks on his close family members.

He wrote, “After terrorist outfits called [me] and my party out by name in direct threats, Imran has now made false accusations against my father former president [Asif Zardari],”.

Bilawal was of the view, “These statements increase threats to my father, my family & my party. We take them seriously given our history,”.

He also termed the PTI’s accusations as “dangerous”, saying that the PPP was exploring legal responses to Khan’s most recent accusations.

The PPP Chairman also said that they were exploring the legal response to Imran Khan over his defamatory and dangerous accusations.

“We are exploring legal response to Imran latest defamatory and dangerous accusations. In the past, he threatened my father that he was ‘in the crosshairs of his gun’."

The foreign minister said, “He & his associates' history as both sympathizers & facilitators of terrorists are well documented,”.

He reiterated his stance that Khan had unduly sympathy for terrorists and extremists, Bilawal added:

“When in power, he released terrorists and arrested democrats, he handed over Pakhtunkhwa to terrorist organisation, his party funds terrorist groups to this day. All of this will be taken into account if any attack were to take place against myself, my father, or my party.”

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Shahid Afridi surprised over Fawad’s removal from Test team

The former interim chief selector says Fawad’s performance was excellent as he scored a lot of runs and brought stability to the Test side in the recent matches.

Published by Farhan Malik



Lahore: Former Interim Chief Selector Shahid Afirid expressed concerns on Saturday over exclusion of batsman Fawad Alam from the Test team.

Afridi lauded Fawad for his amazing performance in the latest Test matches and bringing stability to the Test side.

“Fawad played excellent and scored a lot of runs before going through a rough patch of form,” said the former chief selector.

He said, “Fawad’s exclusion is surprising,”.

Fawad had a successful run in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, where he scored 706 runs in 10 matches for Sindh, including two centuries and five fifties, at an average of 64.18.

Afridi realized that the veteran batsman should not have been dropped in the first place as he brought stability to the Test side when he was in form in the recent matches.


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Maryam Nawaz reaches Lahore

The PML-N leader is also expected to address party workers gathered at the reception camp. 

Published by Mehak Javed



Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PML-N) Senior Vice President and Chief Organizer Maryam Nawaz Saturday returned to Pakistan.  

As per the details, Maryam Nawaz’s flight from Abu Dhabi landed in Lahore at around 3:30pm, after a three-and-a-half-month hiatus.  

The political leader has returned on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-264, and landed at the Allama Iqbal International Airpot after a brief delay in her flight.

Upon arrival, Maryam took to Twitter and wrote: "Paak sar zameen shaad baad {May the sacred land, stay glad}"

A huge number of PML-N workers in the provincial capital gathered outside the airport to welcome the leader. Moreover, banners and posters have been displayed on the way from the airport to Jati Umrah. 

The PML-N leader is also expected to address party workers gathered at the reception camp. 



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