A provincial minister lobbying for Punjab’s top slot, reveals Imran Yaqub Khan

Lahore: Punjab’s Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Raja Basharat has been lobbying for Punjab’s Chief Ministership.

Senior Journalist Imran Yaqub Khan while speaking in GNN programme ‘View Point’ revealed that Raja Basharat is one of the most favourite candidate of ruling party— PTI for the top slot of the Punjab province.

He further said, the law minister has succeeded in establishing the fact that he enjoys good terms with Punjab’s bureaucracy and Chaudhary’s of Punjab. Mr Basharat also avowed to deliver the best in province and PM Imran Khan was assured to make things better here in Punjab.

On the other hand, when a senior Punjab’s politician asked about the said chatter from the Chaudharys, they responded negatively and said if they had to support anyone else other than the current CM then they are happy with Sardar Usman Buzdar.


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