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Independence Day: PM Shehbaz reiterates his call for 'charter of economy'

Says the government has committed itself to taking the country on the path of economic independence




Independence Day: PM Shehbaz reiterates his call for 'charter of economy'
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday offered charter of economy to all political parties for the sake of national unity.

In a televised address to the nation on the eve of August 14, he said the time had come for Pakistan to head in the right direction.

"It's the need of time that we as a nation continue our course in the right direction and don’t allow national interest to be sacrificed at the altar of personal ego and stubbornness.”

Sharif said the government had committed itself to taking the country on the path of economic independence, adding that a “conception of freedom” without the former was impossible.

PM Shehbaz credited the government’s economic policies, such as clamping down on unnecessary imports, for the rupee’s continuous appreciation against the US dollar.

“By adopting austerity, we will depend on our own resources like self-independent nations.”

The prime minister said the government had “worked hard day and night” to take the country out of the current economic crisis in a short time, because of which the country was saved from financial default.

PM Shehbaz blamed the PTI government’s economic policies and decisions for much of the country’s woes, adding that it left the country’s biggest trade deficit in history for which loans had to be taken from allied nations and international financial institutions. “Is this real freedom?”

On the country celebrating 75 years of independence, the prime minister paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan’s establishment and congratulated every Pakistani around the world.

However, he said the “reality” was that the people had only celebrated independence day in name for the last 75 years, instead of adopting its “real aims”.

“That is why my heart is distressed. We must openly admit that we couldn’t give our children that of which they were rightfully deserving.”

He questioned why the nation was still in search of a destination and subject to various crises, foremost being the economic crisis.

In the beginning of his address, the prime minister congratulated the nation on completing 75 years as an independent nation.

He said that the people celebrate Independence Day, Pakistan Day, Quaid-e-Azam Day, and Iqbal Day but the "truth" is, in the last 75 years, the nation has only only celebrated these days but not acknowledged the founding father's purpose.