Facebook refutes opening office in Pakistan

A Facebook spokesperson has recently denied the news of opening office in a statement issued to a local media outlet, saying that Facebook right now doesn’t intend to open an office in Pakistan.

Earlier, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Advisor on science and technology Zia Ullah Bangash in an interview claimed that "Facebook will open its office in Pakistan along with other projects,"

However, the Facebook spokesperson denied the news in a statement issued to a media outlet, saying that Facebook is not planning to open an office in Pakistan.

Advisor to KP CM, in a recent interview aired on a private news channel, said that Facebook is coming up with three or four new projects in Pakistan and will also turn on 'monetization' (making money from videos) for Pakistani users, for which necessary legislation will be enacted. The National Assembly Speaker is also being contacted to help in this regard who has assured cooperation.

However, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser also tweeted in this regard.

In a statement, given to local media Facebook spokesperson said: "We are continuing to invest in Pakistan through dedicated teams, services to the Pakistani market, and programmes such as SheMeansBusiness (which enhances the capacity of local people). But Facebook currently has no plans to open an office in Pakistan. "

He added: "Our community is international and we are working without an office in many countries of the world."

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