52 passengers test COVID positive on flight from Delhi to Hong Kong

52 passengers test COVID positive on flight from Delhi to Hong Kong 52 passengers test COVID positive on flight from Delhi to Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Fifty-two passengers on a flight from the Indian capital, New Delhi to Hong Kong surprised authorities at the airport when their coronavirus test came back positive.

According to the British News Agency, all the passengers arriving in Hong Kong via the Indian airline Vistara had a negative COVID-19 test at the time of boarding and this was what surprised the airport authorities.

Before beginning Hong Kong's mandatory three-week quarantine period, eight of the 146 passengers tested positive, with a further 44 returning positive results while in quarantine. 

All the passengers arrived in Hong Kong on April 4.

According to the news agency, the rate of new cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong is very low as it was largely controlled in January while the rising rate of corona cases in India has alarmed the whole world. And new records are being set daily for positive cases.

Due to the growing number of corona cases in India, medical experts themselves are acknowledging that their health system is deteriorating and they are unable to treat covid patients.

In this regard, a large number of medical experts maintain that in an aircraft, it is almost impossible for so many people to be infected with the coronavirus due to a single patient.

However, experts believe that it is quite possible that before the flight, passengers in India had COVID-19 which was not detected at the time of boarding because passengers are allowed to travel abroad within 72 hours of taking the test.

According to the outlet, it is also possible that India's health system, which is under severe stress, has been unable to accurately diagnose patients, while there is no repudiating that some Passengers have submitted fake certificates.

As per airport administration, the possibility of the disease being transmitted to each other in a Hong Kong hotel cannot be ruled out, and it is also possible that the coronavirus was transmitted to passengers through filters in the onboard ventilation system.

Experts are still working to understand how dozens of passengers on a flight from Delhi tested positive for COVID-19 on arrival, despite them all testing negative before boarding.

On Monday, India recorded another day of record coronavirus figures, with 352,991 new infections and 2812 deaths.

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