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GNN Cameraman tortured for covering by-elections in Gujrat

Reporter Aurangzeb Malik says that some masked men took GNN reporters and cameraman into illegal custody, tortured them and shifted them to some unknown places.



GNN Cameraman tortured for covering by-elections in Gujrat
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Gujrat: GNN TV journalists and cameraman were subjected to violence during coverage of the by-elections in Gujrat on Sunday.

Some officials ‘wearing masks’ took Cameraman Raees Dilawar into illegal abduction and subjected him to torture during the custody.

The camera was also damaged.  

"The journalists of our team have been severely tortured," said GNN Reporter Aurangzeb Malik. He said that some masked men took them into custody and shifted them to some unknown place. 

Raees Dilawar was kept in the illegal detention for more than an hour and was barred from performing his official duty.  After efforts of the senior journalists, the cameraman free. However, the correspondents who were there for the coverage of the by-elections are yet to be recovered.

“This is Banana Repubic. There is no law. But we will raise voice for the rights of the journalists,” said Arshad Ansari while talking to the GNN TV. He said that the journalists were facing many challenges. He said they are united for the freedom of press.

Rana Azeem, another journalist, said that the journalists’ were taken into custody on the directions of the provincial government.

“Whoever is behind the illegal abduction must be brought to justice,” said Rana Azeem while talking to GNN TV. He stated that the journalists were abducted for the coverage of the elections.

“ We were there for the coverage. We did not go to Occupied Kashmir. No one has right to torture our colleagues,” said Rana Azeem.

He stated that they would approach the relevant court to get justice for what was done to the journalists.

Arshad Ansari said that he was not much hopeful that such incidents would stop in the future. He said that Gujrat’s incident was quite surprising as many journalists were abducted and subjected to violence.

“Strict action is needed to stop such actions,” said Ansari.

The Lahore Press Club president said that at least they [the relevant authorities] should draw a line so such incidents could not take place.

“92 Cameraman and journalists were abducted and tortured. The similar fate was faced by the GNN cameraman and reporters,” he added.

Arshad Ansari said that the reporters and cameramen were there to perform their duties.

“We will not let anyone compromise freedom of press. There are many other GNN workers who have been detained and kept at some unknown places. The government must take action for the recovery of the 92 reporters and cameraman, and for the recovery of the GNN reporter and cameraman,” he added.

To a question whether the government powerful to uncover those people who were covering their faces while abducting the GNN and 92 journalists, Arshad Ansari said that the government is powerful to uncover such people who are behind abduction of the journalists.

“We have many options if the action is not taken. What wrong these journalists have committed? Tell us,” he asked while addressing the government authorities.

The Gujrat incident, he said, is  serious matter.

He vowed to continued his struggle for the recovery of the abducted journalists, and demanded FIR in this regard.