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Young Doctors Protest in Punjab, demand reforms

The patients suffer due to protests of the doctors for their demands



Young Doctors Protest in Punjab, demand reforms
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: The young doctors from teaching hospitals across Punjab protested to demand the resolution of several issues affecting their profession on Tuesday.

The doctors blocked major roads including Ferozepur Road, Jail Road, Mall Road, and Canal Road.

The doctors’ demands included addressing medication shortages in hospitals, halting financial mismanagement disguised as revamping, conducting audits of hospitals, regularizing ad-hoc doctors, and lifting unwarranted restrictions on contract renewals.

The protesting doctors called for the permanent hiring of medical professionals, increased salaries, the implementation of health professional allowances as mandated by the Supreme Court, and an immediate stop to unjustified transfers and postings.

They also insisted that the appointments of young doctors as house officers should follow the 2003 policy. They urged the conversion of health department dispensaries into doctors' dispensaries to improve efficiency.

Further demands included the restoration of doctors' positions in dispensaries and the reinstatement of those who had been dismissed from employment. The protesters highlighted the need to address rising unemployment by increasing the number of postgraduate trainers and medical officers, as well as enforcing security measures to ensure a safe working environment for doctors in hospitals.

The protests caused significant traffic disruptions, creating severe difficulties for motorists, pedestrians, and patients.

Meanwhile, the patients faced troubles at the public sector hospitals due to YDA protests.