TikTok prepping to begin live-streamed shopping feature

TikTok is planning to stride into e-commerce world by introducing new features in-app like live-streamed shopping and product catalogues.

The entertainment app owned by China's ByteDance, said its new live-streamed shopping feature would be similar to traditional TV shopping channels but for mobile.

With the new update, users would be able to purchase products with a few clicks after watching a quasi-infomercial. Earlier, some social media apps have added in-app shopping capabilities.

TikTok's new e-commerce feature to include a tool that will allow companies to exhibit catalogue and another feature that will let users with a big following to link to products and earn capital off sales.

The new features, which are reportedly set to roll out in late 2021, follow months of efforts for the company to move into e-commerce.

Last year, "TikTok for Business"  was also launched. Then in October, it had partnered with Shopify in order to give sellers the facility to use the app to run ad campaigns. Months later, TikTok signed a deal with Walmart to allow users to buy products in-app without leaving the platform.

Individuals have already found success selling their products through TikTok, as the platform is top among its peers in escalating brand awareness among young people.

Users such as artists, used clothing retailers, and cosmetic vendors have all sold their items on TikTok, increasing sales and followers through video marketing.

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