Maryam demands re-election in NA-75

Daska: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice president Maryam Nawaz on Sunday has demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to hold re-election in NA-75, Daska.


Earlier, PML-N leader reached Daska to show her gratitude to the people for what she called “giving and safeguarding the respect of the vote.”

While speaking to the gathering in Daska Maryam said Zeeshan who was killed during the Daska-elections, his only crime was safeguarding the prestige of vote and it was also reported that the boy was killed while casting his vote. But the cruel government has registered case against his brother.

By the foolishness of Prime Minister Imran khan, the Daska election was foolishly converted into the election of the entire Pakistan. Maryam further said, "The people of the four provinces of Pakistan have rejected PTI and now they should know their stand."

“I was deceived in 2018 but this time I had pledged to stop vote from being stolen, vote thieves ran away in 2018 but will not be allowed to run away in 2021,” she assumed.

While speaking she said, "Despite rigging, People of Daska fought for the democracy and had rejected sugar, gas and flour thieves," said Maryam. “Our candidate bravely fought the vote thieves, after firing incident, polling process slowed down and then they (Government) started running away carrying ballot bags.”

She said that the chaos in Daska has proven that Imran Khan rigged the 2018 General Elections too.

“If we knew PTI would kill people for the sake of votes, we would have volunteered our (Assembly) seats to them,” added Maryam.

After this dreadful incident, people across the country has realized that how the PTI government came to power, she added. "I want to thank the Prime Minister for showing his reality to the public,"

Ms Nawaz said that after a re-count, 300 fake votes were found and she fear that many bags could not be caught. She also claimed to have video evidence of presiding officers who refused to sell votes during the by-election in NA-75.

On the other hand, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has directed the Returning Officer of Daska to conduct a complete inquiry into the results of NA-75 by-election.

The ECP will take a final decision after a detailed report of the Returning Officer and will review the report in a meeting on Tuesday.

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