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Punjab by-elections: PTI’s Shabbir Awan challenges PML-N’s slight win in PP-7

The PTI’s candidate submitted an application to the returning officer today and requested a recount



Punjab by-elections: PTI’s Shabbir Awan challenges PML-N’s slight win in PP-7
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Islamabad: Citing a delay in the announcement of results and a very small difference between the winning candidate and the runner-up, the PTI challenged on Monday the result of the PP-7 Rawalpindi-II by-election.

Per unofficial results, PML-N’s candidate Raja Sagheer won the by-poll on the Punjab Assembly seat with a thin margin of 49 votes while PTI’s retired colonel Shabbir Awan came in second.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had set up 266 polling stations, comprising 787 polling booths, for 335,295 registered voters in the constituency.

The PTI’s candidate, Shabbir Awan, submitted an application to the returning officer (RO) today, and requested a recount.

Awan stated in the application that the winning PML-N candidate received 68,906 votes, while he secured 68,857 with the difference being of a mere 49 votes.

He argued in his application that the results of by-polls in other constituencies across Punjab were announced at 7pm while PP-7’s result was shared at 7.40pm, citing “RTS system/server breakdown”.

The Result Transmission System is meant to transmit Form 45 — the statement of the count — from polling stations to RO offices and the ECP Secretariat using a smartphone.

In addition, the difference in votes between him and the winning candidate “falls under the prescribed threshold of five per cent of total votes polled and 10,000 votes pursuant to Section 95 (5) of the Elections Act, 2017”, Awan stated.

He added that he had repeatedly made requests to allow him to be a part of the counting process but they had been declined.

Subsequently, the RO summoned all candidates to the election camp office in Kahuta at 11:30am on Tuesday (tomorrow).

He also clarified that the reports circulating in various sections of the media claiming the application was rejected were unfounded and baseless.

In some polling stations, the PTI workers had alleged that the ruling party candidate “bribed people through cash and flour”. However, the PML-N had rejected the allegations.