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Undeterred Imran urges masses to take stand for Pakistan

The former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman says that any other attempt to make a new party or coalition setup will not be helpful to steer the country from the crises except a government with the public mandate.



Undeterred Imran urges masses to take stand for Pakistan
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore:  Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan urged the masses to get rid of fear the what he believed was being spread by the incumbent government to control them, and take stand for the real freedom.

“Get rid of the fear. Take stand. They have arrested 15,000 people so far. But there are 223 million people. If we surrender before their fear then the coming generations will not forgive us,” said Imran Khan in his latest address via YouTube on Tuesday.

The former prime minister said that he was ready to sacrifice for the sake of the country, because he strongly believed in Allah Almighty for life, death, Izzat [honor] and Rizq [food and belongings].

He regretted that the coalition government was using all tactics to break his party and a new setup ‘Kings’ party’ is being establish to break the PTI but there would be no positive outcome of all such things.

“I know the public is frightened due the coercive measures. You are frightened. But look, I’m under threatened and I will not retreat. There are only two ways; one is that we surrender before these people who are spreading fear and the second is that being Ummat-e-Mohammadi [s.a.w] which believes in Kalima Tayyiba,  we take a stand,” said Khan.

He went on to say, “There are three fears; first is the death, and it is God who decides your life and death; the second is “Izzat and Zillat [respect and humiliation]”. They are making women frightened so that they could not take out to the streets and could not take part in the politics. They tried to humiliate me and my wife. Will I be humiliated? No, never. Because I believe that Izzat and Zillat is decided by God. The third fear is “Rizq” [Food and belongings]. I believe that Rizq is given by God. Why are they damaging the houses? They are attacking the “Rizq” in fact,”.

The PTI chief said, “Daraishak’s house was broken. The houses of Omar Ayub and Atif Khan were also raided. The women are being threatened,” said Imran Khan, regretting over what he said the coercive measures of the coalition government to control the people and to break the PTI.  

Imran said that in a democratic government, the Constitution guaranteed to hold peaceful protests anywhere in the country. He was of the view that he knew the superior judiciary was under pressure at this moment and all public departments were being pressurized to take action against the PTI.

He stated that the majority of the police was unhappy for what they were being forced  to do these days as many “Gullu Butts” were there. He further said that the threats were being given to damage the businesses and homes of the party leaders, workers and supporters.

“I gave tickets to such people this time who are ideologically associated with the PTI,” said the PTI chairman, adding that he received a phone call of a man whom he gave ticket that he was under the pressure.

“I asked that person to quit the PTI if he was under the pressure. That man told me that if he left the PTI the people of his area would not vote him when the elections are held,” he added.

The police and NAB, he said, were tasked to crush the PTI.

“Where are we heading towards? Is there any roadmap or solution? What I have heard that a Kings’ party is being established while the PML-N is associated with the cruelty and did not have public support. PML-N and PPP know that they cannot win the elections alone and cannot make a government alone. But, now, they are planning to make a coalition government but this is not the way to steer the country out of crises,” he argued.  

He also said that he had many times made it clear that such a government was needed which had the public mandate.

“Pakistan will not survive if we fail to ensure the rule of law,” said Imran Khan, adding that the peoples’ hope was dying with every passing as the consultants were leaving the country and similarly the professionals of all other areas were flying abroad.

Taking about the cases of the PML-N leadership, Khan said, “95 per cent cases were made against the PML-N before the PTI government. We did not make these cases. We made only Rs16b and Rs8b worth corruption cases against Shehbaz Sharif. We did not commit violence with the PML-N or other parties’ workers during our tenure. We did not raid the houses of the workers of opponent parties,” said Imran Khan, drawing a comparison between the treatment of the party workers between the PTI government and the coalition-government led by the PML-N.

 “What is the most precious thing? It is the life, and I am ready for that,” said Imran Khan, urging the people to get rid of fear and take stand otherwise the coming generations would not forgive them.