Sasta Ramzan Bazar Controversy: Firdous Ashiq Awan turns guns on media

Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Information and Broadcasting Punjab, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, on Monday, held a press conference offering clarification over a video of Sasta Ramzan Bazar in which the advisor was seen berating the Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sialkot Sonia Sadaf.

The Advisor to Chief Minister took a stance in the press conference that she is very disappointed by the attitude of the AC in addressing issues faced by people in Sasta Ramzan Bazar. “The courtiers of royal families have no genuine concerns with the hardships of common people,” the advisor stated.

She said that Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has asked for an inquiry report over the matter, adding that the CM is also displeased over the mistreatment of people standing in queue to get 1kg of sugar.

Firdous Ashiq Awan further added that she is a common person before becoming a public representative.

 "If the implementation is not being done on the coronavirus SOPs fixed by the government, then [it should be understood] that we [public office holders] are accountable to the people", the advisor added.

The CM’s aide further added that a few people in the media who were present in the Ramzan Bazar have angled the story and “became a party and twisted the episode”.

"[They] said I had gotten angry because I was not provided protocol," she said. Taking a dig at Sonia Sadaf, Dr Awan said any person who does not want to "come out of his/her air-conditioned room" should not seek employment in public service professions.

"These people should look towards easier professions and those who want to tread on the difficult path, should have it in them to bear the burdens that come with it," she said.

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan further added that being a woman, the women she is fighting for in Ramzan Bazar are not her relatives.

According to the advisor, the story presented to Secretary Punjab over yesterday’s issue was twisted and miscommunicated, which caused misunderstandings.

She summarized that she had visited 14 Ramzan Bazars in different localities but the attitude that she witnessed on Sunday was unprecedented.

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