Woman wakes from nap, discovers she flew 1,200 miles wrong way

A British woman, who left her home in Manchester for Belfast and reached 1,200 miles away in Gibraltar and discovered that she was on the wrong flight after she woke up from her nap.

Gemma Cargin believed she was heading to the capital of Ireland but ended up in Gibraltar.

According to the report, 25-year-old Gigimama Cargin boarded the EasyJet flight without any problem and fell asleep as soon as ther journey started.

The teacher said she boarded the flight from Manchester Airport on Sunday with ease.

When Gemma woke up, it was announced that the plane would land in an hour and fifteen minutes, but her journey to Belfast was only forty minutes.

She then asked around if the flight was not going to Belfast and realized that she had boarded the wrong plane and that the flight was not going to Ireland but Gibraltar, a British territory on the south coast of Spain.

The woman said she was worried about her parents waiting for her at the airport, with the destination too far away.

By the time Cargin got to her final destination, her less-than-an-hour trip had turned into a 12-hour affair with a total detour of 2,396 miles. 

In the aftermath of the incident, EasyJet is faced with questions over how such a severe error might have occurred. 

In a statement, EasyJet said: "We are investigating with the airport and our ground handling partner at Manchester how Ms Cargin was able [to] travel on the wrong flight."

"As soon as the mistake was [realized], it was arranged for them to fly back to Manchester and on to Belfast, their original intended destination."

The company is now investigating how the airport and company staff made the mistake of boarding a passenger on the wrong flight without interruption.

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