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Modi tells Putin ‘war cannot solve problems’

Indian premier says Modi he and Putin had discussed Russia’s campaign in Ukraine



Modi tells Putin ‘war cannot solve problems’
Modi tells Putin ‘war cannot solve problems’

Moscow (AFP): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in Moscow that peace was “of utmost importance” and that “war cannot solve problems”.

“As a friend, I have also said that for the brighter future of our next generation, peace is of utmost importance,” Modi said in a speech in Hindi, sitting alongside Putin.

“When innocent children are murdered, one sees them die, the heart pains and that pain is unbearable.”

Modi said he and Putin had discussed Russia’s campaign in Ukraine during his visit to Moscow.

“As a true friend, we were together and chatted on a range of issues,” Modi said.

“And I was happy that on Ukraine, we could both express our views openly and in detail.”

Modi landed in Moscow on Monday, hours after Russia launched a massive barrage targeting cities across Ukraine that killed more than three dozen people and heavily damaged a children’s hospital in Kyiv.

It sparked condemnation from governments in Europe and North America.

“I know that war cannot solve problems, solutions and peace talks can’t succeed among bombs, guns, and bullets,” Modi added. “And we need to find a way to peace through dialogue.”

Russia is a vital supplier of cut-price oil and weapons to India, but Moscow’s isolation from the West and growing ties with Beijing have impacted its partnership with New Delhi.

Western powers have in recent years also cultivated stronger relations with India as a hedge against China and its growing influence across the Asia-Pacific, while pressuring New Delhi to distance itself from Russia.