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“Judicial system is in crisis in Pakistan,” says Fawad Chaudhary in interview to Indian TV

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior vice-president has said that from the Supreme Court to the lower courts all are losing importance as the trust level is minimum.



“Judicial system is in crisis in Pakistan,” says Fawad Chaudhary in interview to Indian TV
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore:  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) senior leader Fawad Chaudhary  said that the courts in Pakistan continued to lose their importance as the trust level was quite minimum.

“Our police systems,  if you see Transparency International report, the biggest crisis is the justice system where you can see that our courts have lost trust. The losing trust on the courts is the biggest problem for any country. In Pakistan, from the Supreme Court to the other courts, the trust level is minimum,” said the PTI leader while responding to a question about the condition of common citizens.

He said the common citizen was in trouble here.

Fawad Chaudhary also talked about the political situation as well as the economic situation in the country.

When asked what the PTI had solution to address the problems, Fawad said that his party addressed the issues when it came into power in 2018.

“Imran Khan was the only leader in Pakistan who has respects in Afghanistan. Imran Khan opposed drones and missile attacks in Pakistan. Therefore, Afghan leaders respect him. If the ties are good with Afghanistan then there will be no terrorism,” he responded.

He claimed, “the PTI has solutions to address all these challenges. We have to rely upon with the Overseas. $.2b remittances went down when these [coalition partners] came into power and overseas Pakistanis trust Imran Khan; we have to make a viable solution with the IMF for the short term and have to increase the imports for the long term programme,”.