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Celebrities attacked during shooting in Karachi 

During the drama shooting, there was an altercation between the large number of locals and the crew.



Celebrities attacked during shooting in Karachi 
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Karachi: The celebrities of Pakistani film industry including Director Babeel Qureshi, actresses Hira Mani, Gul-e-Rana and other crew members were attacked by a mob during the shooting of the drama in the PIB Colony of Karachi.

During the drama shooting on Monday night, there was an altercation between the large number of locals and the crew.

Director Nabeel Qureshi turned to Twitter and shared the incident in a series of tweets stating that they were attacked by mob in PIB Colony/Jamshed quarters Martin Road during shoot.

He stated that the attackers got into the house they were shooting with hundreds of people, adding that “they harrased women/actresses, beat the shit out of crew, stole mobiles, equipment”

In another post, Qureshi said: “We are sitting here in PIB police station, they attacked like anything”.

The director further said that this never happened before in Karachi.

He alleged: “They were equipped with weapons, they stole mobiles, wallet,” adding that they did not care about ladies and raised their hands etc.

He urged the authorities to take action against the attackers to make example out of it.

He further stated, “I request to my fraternity all the actors, producers to make sure that this shouldn't happened again to any of us”!

On the other hand, actress Hira Mani turned to her Instagram account and wrote: “It was a very unfortunate event to witness today,” adding that no one face that ever in their life.

She thanked her team saying that, “I want to thank my team members who fought till the last with the culprits to save us,” informing that the team members are hospitalized in bad condition.

She urged the people to pray for their speedy recovery.

The incident had shocked Pakistani artists who expressed their disbelief and called the authorities for answers.

A case of the incident had been registered in Jamshed Quarter police station on the complaint of Ali Hussain son of Afaq Hussain.

The police had arrested six accused in the charge of torture on the staff. The arrested people had been identified as Muhammad Ali, Abdul Qadir, Owais, Rahmat Ali, Zamal and Syed Qarib.

Local people said that the neighbors of the house had a disagreement regarding the shooting and noise created late at night that led to such incident.