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Ukraine shoots down 36 Russian missiles, drones

Ukrainian forces down 36 Russian missiles and drones and two injured were reported in Kyiv



Ukraine shoots down 36 Russian missiles, drones
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Kyiv: Ukrainian forces in Kyiv claim to have successfully intercepted and shot down 36 Russian missiles and drones that targeted the capital and its surroundings overnight.

However, authorities have now lifted air raid alerts across most parts of the country.

Over the past month, Russia has launched approximately 20 missile and drone attacks on Kyiv, allegedly aimed at disrupting Ukraine's preparations for a significant counter-offensive.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, their air defenses managed to shoot down 15 cruise missiles and 21 drones.

The barrage of drones was followed by a series of cruise missile strikes around 0300 local times while residents were asleep.

Air Force statement denounced the ongoing attempts by the occupiers to terrorize the Ukrainian capital.

Military authorities in Kyiv commended the city's air defenses and reported no significant damage or casualties.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed the absence of rescue service calls related to the attacks.

In the region surrounding Kyiv, two individuals, including a child, were injured by falling debris.