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Police to challenge court release order to Yasmin

Punjab Police to challenge LHC order discharging Yasmin Rashid in Jinnah House attack case.



Police to challenge court release order to Yasmin
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: Punjab police have announced their intention to challenge the Lahore court's decision to discharge PTI leader Yasmin Rashid in the Jinnah House attack case.

In a tweet, the Punjab police stated that all individuals involved in the May 9 incident, including Dr. Yasmin Rashid, will be held accountable.

The police emphasized that the investigation is being conducted using scientific methods and that they were not given the opportunity to present forensic evidence in court.

The finality of the court order will be determined by the High Court, and the police remain committed to uncovering the truth and bringing it to light.

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