More than 100 land-grabbers in Lahore made billions, says Arif Hameed Bhatti

Lahore: As many as hundred people in Lahore have become billionaires by wrongfully capturing the possessions of general public. More illegal money is being made by illegitimately capturing property of masses.

The earned money is even more than the resources one gather by illicit drug trade. This was stated by senior journalist Arif Hameed Bhatti in GNN Programme 'Khabar Hay'.

He said that PML-N is ruling Punjab since 1985 and it is harder to find any of its member who is not involved in any criminal offence. Referring to PML-N MNA Afzal Khokhar, he said that Mr Khokhar claims that he is innocent but the price of illegal land around Lahore can be confirmed by Mr MNA's front man and Patwari. He maintained that Khokhar brothers assets which they had 30 years ago should be compared with their current wealth. Only a small house with weak walls would be found, he added.

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