A brotherly Islamic country asked govt to send Maryam Nawaz abroad: Arif Hameed Bhatti

Lahore: One of the most important personalities and an important brotherly Islamic country had advocated incumbent government to send of Maryam Nawaz abroad.

Senior analyst Arif Hameed Bhatti while speaking in GNN programme "Khabar Hay" said that one of the most important personalities had recommended to send Maryam Nawaz abroad. The government back in January 2020 was also conveyed to not arrest and allow her to travel away. While PM Imran Khan took bold decision of not letting her exit the country.

At that time, if Ms Nawaz would have allowed to travel then PDM would have not existed, he added.

Senior analyst prayed for the health of former PM’s daughter.

While questioning he said, what was the need to announce her ailment on media? What was the justification for doing so? It smells like she had contracted a disease after being pulled out of power and the illness is not treated in Pakistan.

There is no one to look after the poor people in the hospitals and these politicians desire to travel to America and Europe for a minor surgery. These rulers should feel shame for not building enough hospitals for the underprivileged people, he added.

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