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Woman jumps from hospital building after third daughter's birth 

Woman jumps down from washroom window of labor room due to which she is seriously injured: Hospital management.



Woman jumps from hospital building after third daughter's birth 
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: A woman leaped from a hospital building shortly after giving birth to her third daughter.

The tragic event unfolded at the General Hospital in Lahore.

According to hospital authorities, the pregnant woman, hailing from Kasur, was admitted to the hospital due to her deteriorating health condition.

It was evident that she had a strong desire for a son, and her distress over giving birth to a third daughter had taken a toll on her mental well-being.

She jumped from a washroom window in the surgical emergency room of the General Hospital, shortly after delivering her child.

This harrowing act left her with severe injuries, and she was rushed to the neuro emergency department in critical condition, where medical staff are battling to save her life.

Hospital authorities have initiated a thorough investigation into the incident, forming a five-member committee to oversee the proceedings.

Dr. Khizr Hayat, a renowned Urology Professor, will lead the committee's efforts to understand the circumstances leading up to this tragic event.